Fuchsia Menu

Brunch Menu

Granola Bowl   AED48

Homemade maple granola, Greek yogurt, Assorted fruits, Coconut flakes and Almond milk

Acai Bowl   AED40

Acai Mix, HOmemade maple granola, Banana and Coconut flakes

Vegan Five- Grain Porridge   AED40

Pear, Green apple, Sultanas, Date syrup, Soy milk, Spiced with cinnamon, Topped with crunchy almond crumble

Chia Seed Pudding   AED55

Mango labneh, Dragon fruit, Kiwi, Berries and Caramelized bananas

5 Spiced French Toast   AED42

Five-Spiced brioche, Cinnamon poached pears, Pecan Nuts, Caramel and Lemongrass creme anglaise

Coconut Pancakes   AED40

Homemade buttermilk and Coconut pancakes, Vanilla yogurt, Caramelized banana, Maple syrup, and Coconut flakes

Grilled Halloumi   AED15

Avocado   AED15

Beetroot Cured Smoked Salmon   AED15

Organic Chicken Sausages   AED15

Beef Bacon   AED17

Hash Browns   AED15

Free Range Eggs and Style   AED15

Roasted Mushroom   AED15

Multigrain / Sour Dough   AED5

Butter Croissant   AED10

Almond Croissant   AED15

Mixed Fruit Jam   AED3

Nutella   AED3

Peanut Butter   AED3

Breakfast Bowl   AED48

Green curry hummus, Goodness seed avocado, Poached eggs, Quinoa and buckwheat, Thai basil pesto, Beetroot relish, Herb salad with Orange vinaigrette

Rainbow Falafel Bowl   AED42

Shredded Kale and Green lentil salad with sweet potato & quinoa falafel, beetroot hummus, toasted pinenuts sumac dressing

Green Goodness Bowl   AED42

Leafy greens, grilled asparagus, broccoli, beans, avocado, crispy pears topped with micro green and toasted seeds, green herb dressing

BYO Avo Toast (Build Your Own Avo Toast)   AED48

Smashed avocado, Harissa pesto, Feta cheese, Pine nuts and Micro greens on multigrain bread

Fuchsia's Eggs Benedict   AED48

Poached eggs, Yuzu hollandaise, Sauteed spinach, English muffin

3 Egg Omelet   AED45

Cheese, Turkey bacon, Red Peppers, Mushrooms, Onions, Scallion served with red pepper relish, Yellow curry roasted potato and Sour dough

Traditional Thai   AED48

Minced chicken with basil, Topped with a crispy fried egg, Served with your choice of roti or Jasmine rice

Pad Thai   AED37

Gluten free rice noodles with bean sprouts, Egg, Garlic and Ground peanuts

Thai burger   AED37

Panko coated chicken, tangy papaya salad, Spicy sriracha mayo in a buttery brioche bun, with sweet potato fries and Thai aioli

Vegetable Gyoza   AED32

Prawn Hargao   AED33

Seafood Shumai   AED33

Lotus Bun   AED28

Bbq Chicken bun   AED32

Americano   AED24

Espresso   AED13

Cappuccino   AED18

Latte   AED24

Iced Latte   AED27

Iced Americano   AED27

Hibiscus Iced Tea   AED27

Lemongrass Iced Tea   AED27

Rose Lemonade   AED27

Thai Iced Tea   AED27

Orange Jiuce   AED26

Fresh Daily juice   AED26

Ask Your Server

Coconut H20   AED27