Fuchsia Menu

Signature Bowls

Build Your Own Bowl   AED55

Power Bowl   AED48

Grilled soy glazed beef tenderloin, coconut brown rice, steamed greens, massaged kale, mesclun salad, pickled cabbage, green curry hummus, topped with crispy shallots. Dressing on the side incase you want it : Sriracha vinaigrette.

Lean & Green [GF]   AED46

Five spice grilled chicken, vegetable tossed quinoa, steamed bok choy, massaged kale, mesclun salad topped with our signature guacamole. Dressing on the side incase you want it : Lemongrass vinaigrette.

Garden Bowl   AED48

Silken tofu, coconut curry sauce, seasoned sweet potatoes, whole wheat noodles, steamed greens, mesclun salad, massaged kale, beansprouts, sambal rubbed crispy noodles Dressing on the side incase you want it : Cilantro vinaigrette.

Make You Very Mexy Bowl A.K.A Mexican Bowl   AED45

Grilled chicken, massaged kale, mesclun salad, red onions, cherry tomatoes, steamed greens, curried corn, avocado, crispy wonton wrappers, lime wedge. Dressing on the side if you want it : jalapeƱo, lime, cilantro vinaigrette.

K-Town Bowl   AED45

Minced beef in chilli garlic sauce, shiitake mushrooms, zucchini, carrots & coconut rice, served with Korean dressing

Rainbow Falafel Bowl [VG, GF]   AED42

Shredded kale and green lentil salad with sweet potato & quinoa falafel, beetroot hummus, toasted pine nuts and sumac dressing

Harvest Bowl   AED48

Wild rice, roasted pumpkin, arugula, mesclun salad, crumbled feta cheese with grilled harissa chicken. Dressing on the side: Balsamic vinaigrette