Fuchsia Menu

Something Sweet

Granola Bowl   AED48

Homemade maple granola, Greek yogurt, Assorted fruits, Coconut flakes and Almond milk

Acai Bowl   AED40

Acai Mix, HOmemade maple granola, Banana and Coconut flakes

Vegan Five- Grain Porridge   AED40

Pear, Green apple, Sultanas, Date syrup, Soy milk, Spiced with cinnamon, Topped with crunchy almond crumble

Chia Seed Pudding   AED55

Mango labneh, Dragon fruit, Kiwi, Berries and Caramelized bananas

5 Spiced French Toast   AED42

Five-Spiced brioche, Cinnamon poached pears, Pecan Nuts, Caramel and Lemongrass creme anglaise

Coconut Pancakes   AED40

Homemade buttermilk and Coconut pancakes, Vanilla yogurt, Caramelized banana, Maple syrup, and Coconut flakes